Guide for Maintenance

For General maintenance click on property safe tenant info below or click on property maintenance request to submit a request

Property Safe Tenant info

Property Maintenance Request

EMERGENCIES Property Management Only

What is classed as an emergency?

An emergency repair is a maintenance item that falls into the following categories. This is:

1. Life threatening to you or your family; or

2. One that may cause excessive damage to your home;

3. Failure of essential services to maintain your livelihood—this is failure of cooking facilities, hot water system, toilet, major water leak (burst pipe) or a gas leak.

This does not include the following – leaking taps, running toilet, an air conditioner that is not cooling. These are minor repair items and will be attended to on receipt of a maintenance request after the 5th of January.

Please note: if a tradesperson is called for any reason, they may tell you this is not an emergency situation and direct you to submit a maintenance request. If the tradesperson does attend and it is NOT an emergency you will be held responsible for the payment of the account.

In the case of an emergency please contact the relevant contractor:

Emergency Repairs Contact Details:

Plumbing – Ignited Gas and Plumbing 0437 775 250

Plumbing – C. Vella Plumbing 0439746185

Electrical –Alliance Electrical 07 4755 2953 (This number will be diverted to a mobile

Electrical – Rolly’s Electrical 0410375098

Emergency (Police Ambulance Fire Rescue): 000

In Extreme Emergencies Please call Brad Read on 0401 274 555